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Public Sessions

Check the item(s) to register for and then click the "Register" button below the list of items.
You may sort the items by clicking on the top of any column.  That column will then sort to ease finding the desired class.
Remember, there are multiple pages of classes so you may wish to check the other pages also.

All new services should complete Training # 1 A and # 1 B before all other trainings.  Established services just wishing to take a specific class are welcome to register for such at any time.

A phone line is required for the  audio portion.  A speaker phone is needed if more than one person is attending from one location. Long distance rates may apply for you to call into the Conference call for audio. 

Be careful of the email entered.  Your registration is determined by your email address. If you enter an email address incorrectly then you will not be able to log into the classroom. You must log in with the same email you use to register. 

All times listed are approximate.  While starting times are accurate, the length of a class may vary by the Services and Attendants present, questions asked, etc.  **Please allow additional time**

Training Sessions are NOT required to go live but are highly recommended. Any Service can opt out of training by faxing such a request to 724-933-3333 Attn:Training Department

Services submitting to a state agency or a regional agent should sign up for the NEMSIS session as well as # 1 and  # 2 before scheduling their Go Live Session.

Thank you,

emsCharts Training Staff

Private on-line trainings may be scheduled for your company. These will be billed at a rate of $125.00 per hour per internet connection. Call our Training Department for further information.